Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Monday October 7, 2013-Moving Day-Peculiar Park Place RV Park to Checotah Lake KOA

We were all up pretty early this morning, but we had already decided to go to the Denny's restaurant that was at a Flying J truck stop nearby. We had a nice breakfast and went back home to pack up to leave for Oklahoma. We were soon ready to leave, but it was nearly 10 before we pulled out. We didn't have quite as far to go today, so it should work out.

Stella and I have been waiting to make reservations at our overnight stops until we get underway on the morning of our departure. We were supposed to go to a small park in Mc Alester Oklahoma but when Stella called to make reservations for all of us, she learned that they could not accommodate us. Bummer! I think this was a first for us, but we soon found a KOA near Lake Eufala in Checotah OK. We drove across Lake Eufala on our way to the park but we didn't have time to do anything on the lake.

This park is a nice little place. It is shady and very quiet, pretty typical of a KOA. As many of them do, this one had a pretty nice menu for both supper and breakfast. Don, Monica and Stella went over and ate but I wasn't hungry and stayed home. Stella did bring home a huge piece of chicken fried steak for dinner tomorrow. She bragged on it, so I'm sure it will be great. 

We had another cool night, making sleeping nice. It has been nice to have cool (cold) nights, but fall should be here soon and we should have more then. 

So long.

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