Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday October 5, 2013-Amana Colonies RV Park and Event Center

Today is the last day of the Iowa rally. We have been having a good time up here, but we are TIRED! We've been going strong for the past three days and would like a day off to recover, but we leave tomorrow for Peculiar MO for an overnight stop on our way to Canton.

We furnished a breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy, bacon, scrambled eggs, coffee and juice with our friends bringing whatever dishes they want to share. Dave Tardiff, our friend and chapter leader from Wyoming, used his huge "cowboy" cooking pan to prepare the gravy. It was large enough to make two gallons of delicious gravy that went over very well on top of biscuits. 

Everyone enjoyed the breakfast and best of all, we bought just enough ingredients so we didn't have a lot of leftovers. There is probably enough left to make a good breakfast for a few folks but we won't be one of them. 

After breakfast and the cleanup after, we came home for some much-needed rest. In the afternoon we went next door to sit by the fire and chat with friends. The free firewood here really comes in handy! 

We had Ketelsen's RV prepare authentic German brats with all the trimmings for our supper tonight. We brought a potluck assortment of foods to go with the brats and it was great! There were several delicious desserts for us to try including a chocolate one that Ray and Sally made in a dutch oven. Man, what good food!

We gave away our door prizes, including a hand made blanket by Mike Kennedy's wife. Some items were from Kettlesen RV, some from Heartland (Jim B) and a couple that we had acquired. 

Kettlesen RV organized some games and fun races, then performed some skits with singing from their camping group. They have an active camping group and we are interested in trying to go to one of their get togethers. They had a rally at this campground in May and had 175 units in attendance. In other words, they Owned this park during that time. They are planning a trip to Hill City South Dakota in July, but we can't work that into our schedule. Maybe someday! You might want to check them out at . You may like to go on one of their trips.

So long.

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yum biscuits and gravy my favorite breakfast,,,