Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday October 28, 2013-Inks Lake State Park

Today was scheduled to be our first official day of work at the park. I had spoken to Betty about taking over for her and her husband Jim in cleaning firepits and she agreed that we could take their place. I went down to the shop and picked up our Gator and the tools needed to do the cleaning and came home to pick up Stella.

We started in the primitive section of the park and found things in good shape. Only one site was in bad shape and needed a good bit of work to clean up the firepit. It is amazing what people put into the firepits, bottles, cans and of course, lots of paper and cardboard. We worked for about three hours in the far end of the park and although we were tired, it wasn't that bad. 

After taking the Gator back and securing the tools, we came back home and sat outside to cool off. It was cloudy and overcast and looked like rain, but it never did. Several of the other hosts came by to sit with us and we chatted with them, catching up on things going on here. I did a few chores around here before we went inside for the afternoon. 

It was a good first day back and I think we're going to like it.

So long.

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