Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday October 6, 2013-Moving day-Amana Colonies RV Park and Event Center to Peculiar Park Place RV Park

Well, the dreaded day is here. We always hate to leave, but after this great rally, we REALLY hate to leave. We had so much fun meeting new people and making new friends. 

We will be traveling with our friends Don and Monica, who also traveled a long way to get here. They are the Chapter Leaders of Colorado but came here from the Wyoming rally in Vernal Utah. We were all up early to get an early start but it was cold- about 45 degrees- and no one wanted to get out to start working. I had some firewood that had not been used, so I decided to light a small fire to warm my hands on. I got it started and then people began leaving and I went to say goodbye and when I went back to my fire, it had gone out. I guess the wood was wetter than I thought.

We didn't pull out until 10AM, or about an hour later than we wanted. The weather stayed pretty bad with cloudy skies and cold temps. We ran through several patches of light rain, which, if the temperature had been a little lower, would have been snow! 

We made a pit stop and ran into another Heartland owner, Don and Kathy Swanson that had been at the rally, who had stopped at the same rest stop.  We stopped for lunch at the border between Iowa and Missouri in a rainstorm. It was really nasty with low 40's temps and rain. It didn't stop raining until just before Kansas City but when it did, the skies lightened up and the temperature rose to the mid 50's so it was still chilly.

We went back to the Peculiar Park Place RV Park where we had stopped on the way to the Missouri rally. We like the park, it is reasonably priced and not far from the highway. When we pulled in here, Larry and Gayle Kuykendall were also checking in. They had also been at the rally and had left just behind us. They were on the other side of this park. If we had known they were coming, we could all have stayed together one more time. 

We were pretty hungry when we arrived and Don needed to get fuel in his truck, so we decided to go find something to eat. We found a Pizza Hut but it was take-out only, so we bought a couple of pizzas and took them home. For some reason, the pizza tasted very good. I guess it's been too long since we've had one. Don and Monica didn't stay too long after we ate because we were all tired from a long day of driving. 

One more day of driving and we'll be back in Texas!

So long.

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