Friday, October 4, 2013

Monday September 30, 2013-Moving day-ABC RV Park to Amana Colonies RV Park & Event Center

Although we've had a good time in Branson, it is time to move on to our next rally destination. We were up early this morning (6:00AM!) planning to pull out around 8. There are several others that are leaving for Amana Iowa also but we all decided not to try to caravan up together. We all want to leave at different times and are all going pretty much the same route, but we never know what may happen along the way, so we decided to just exchange telephone numbers and stay in touch if necessary.

We pulled out around 8:30, pretty close to our planned time. We have about 440 miles to go, so it will be a long day. We made our first stop at a truck stop about an hour into the drive. We had not taken the time to eat before we left so we went in and bought a couple of Subway sandwiches. They will hold us better during the day-long drive, so rather than just snack we decided to eat a good breakfast. It worked because we were fine all day and didn't get hungry at all. 

After 3 more pit stops for us and the doggies, we arrived at the Amana Colonies RV Park and Event Center a little after 6. Our friends that had left before us were here as well as several other Heartlanders. After getting all set up, we joined them at their campfire and ate some of the food that they had fixed. Typical of Heartland folks to have food already fixed and ready to share.

We sat outside with them until about 9:30 and came on back home for a good night's sleep in the cool Iowa night air. It's gonna be a great week!

So long.

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