Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tuesday October 29, 2013-Inks Lake State Park

Our second day of work here was much like the first.I went down and got a Gator and came back to pick up Stella. She wasn't finished walking the dogs- they didn't like our new schedule and wanted to stay inside a bit longer- so I went back to the primitive section to check on a site that had been reported to us by Jim and Betty and sure enough, it needed some work. It didn't take long before I had it all cleaned up and came back and picked Stella up. 

We cleaned the cabin areas today and it went well. There was a group of female inmates from the nearby prison also working in the area and we didn't want to interact with them or get in their way, so we skipped a couple of the firepits in that area. This is easy enough work but if you haven't done any physical work in awhile, you quickly realize it. We've both been stiff and a bit sore, but we enjoy it. 

After finishing up our firepit cleaning, we took our load of debris over to the dump across the road and dropped it off and came back to the shop where I picked up a pair of limb loppers to trim some tree branches for beautification and safety in the park. Again it was easy work, but much different from sitting in my recliner, so I'm sure my body will be protesting my new activities. 

We finished up around noon and knocked off to come home and have some coffee and rest. We went to Marble Falls later to the Wal Mart and HEB stores and while Stella was shopping, I deployed a few Munzees in the parking lots. There aren't many Munzees in town, so it was fun spreading the game around for others to play. 

Our second day of "work" went very well and we will soon settle into a routine. Looking forward to it!

I did receive a telephone call from a friend of mine that is now a detective in Dickinson about the Galveston County District Attorney's office wanting to contact me. An assistant DA soon called and asked me to go over an investigation that I had done of the recovery of a skeletal remains back in 1985! Wow, an oldie! When I learn more about it, I'll let you know.

So long.

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