Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday October 30, 2013-Inks Lake State Park

We had heard weather reports that some severe weather was coming in, so we stayed home for awhile with very cloudy and threatening skies over us. About nine o'clock, we decided the weather guessers were wrong (again) and went down and got a Gator and went to work. We made very good progress on the fire pit cleaning, but ran into one of the other hosts, who reminded us of a pumpkin carving contest at the store today. We knocked off a little bit early to go to the contest. 

Here are my favorites:





Please let me know which one you like best.

So long


Dan and Ruth Ann said...

I guess I like E the best.

Dan and Ruth Ann said...

I like E the best.

Number 1 daughter said...

I like D the best - very clever!
aren't C & E the same one?
what's your Halloween costume> =)