Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wednesday October 23, 2013-Inks Lake State Park

We had another great day here this morning. Since we are taking some time off, Stella fixed us a good breakfast of fried eggs, fresh-made biscuits and ham. What a great way to start the day. 

We went down and met with Dee Dee to get our uniforms and ID cards. She took us over to the storage area where the uniforms are stored and got us all fixed up with shirts. She said that Terry has the ID cards but he wasn't in at this time. 

We went for a ride around the park, just to look around. We stopped off and talked to Craig and Lin, two volunteers that have been here a long time. Craig is associated with the Friends of the Park group that supports the volunteers, and runs the firewood sales and other money-making operations and Lin works at the park store. Craig said that he has two couples that are taking care of the firewood right now but Lin said that they could probably use us at the store to rent boats again. 

We went by and sat outside with John and Becky at their place for awhile to get caught up on things around here. It was good to talk to our friends again. We came on back home to hang out for the rest of the afternoon and sat outside later in the afternoon. 

As I read through some blogs that I have been following, I found that Mike and Sandy Mills had visited the Gulf Coast RV Resort while we were there. They had visited some friends of theirs, Ed and Marilyn. When I saw a picture of Ed and Marilyn's truck and trailer, I recognized it as one that I had seen while we were there. In fact, some friends of ours have a Mobile Suites trailer and I had mistakenly gone to Ed and Marilyn's while looking for Tom and Judy's rig. I probably saw Mike and Sandy's Tiffin motorhome but didn't recognize it or them. They also went to Floyd's Cajun Seafood on Friday night when we had been there with our group on Thursday. If I had stayed up on my blog entries, we might have met Mike and Sandy while we were there. Bummer! Maybe next time...

So long.

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