Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday October 8, 2013-Moving day-Checotah Lake KOA to Mill Creek Ranch RV Resort

We were up early again but again went to eat breakfast at the KOA. Our meal was delicious and much cheaper than a usual breakfast. On top of that, there were other regulars from the park eating and drinking coffee this morning who gave us advice on our route this morning. 

After a very filling meal, we were on our way. We don't set up too much, so it is an easy tear-down in the morning. It was about 9:45 when we finally pulled out but it's only about 200 miles to Canton.

We made good time on the route suggested by our breakfast-mates and in just a couple of hours we were nearing the Oklahoma-Texas border. We stopped at the last travel plaza on the toll road so Don could get fuel. I didn't mention my latest finding on fuel mileage. Don said he normally drives about 55-57 miles per hour to conserve fuel. He drives a Ford F-450 with a low rear end gear, so he has to do what he can to improve his fuel mileage. I slowed down to accommodate him and guess what? My mileage went soaring! Yesterday I got a high of 12.4, towing the trailer. Today was not quite as spectacular, but an improved 11.5 is not bad at all!

While Don was fueling up, I deployed a few Munzees in the parking lot and got some good exercise in, so it was a good stop for all. Bathrooms, snacks, Munzees and fuel, how much better can it get?

Here we are, crossing the Red River, back into Texas.... Yay!!! 

And here we are, all set up. We have stayed at Mill Creek several times before but things have changed a lot here. There was a new release for yard-work damages, a notice of public alcohol consumption, neither of which was used before, new security codes on restrooms and buildings. There is now a charge for WIFI use that was free in the past, and then when we got to our sites, my electrical service failed because of my surge protector. It is unknown why it tripped but soon reset and is working again. Don's, however was not so good. His surge protector would not allow an open ground situation to allow electricity into his trailer. Some men from the park came over and couldn't find anything wrong on either site, so Don bypassed his Surge Guard and now has good power. I hope it works out for him. My problem seem to have been a momentary spike with no further problems. Not a good way to start out. 

Then, Monica went to the washateria and found that there is only one washer and dryer now. When Stella went down to start washing, she found that the hot water smells terrible. I guess there is something wrong with the water heater. Now an even worse way to start our stay here...

So long.

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