Friday, October 11, 2013

Thursday October 10, 2013-Mill Creek Ranch RV Resort

I woke this morning to see a very pretty sunrise out my window, so I went outside and took some pictures around the park. 

 There are a few of us here but our numbers will increase later today. There were probably 10-12 here this morning and we are expecting 23 total for the weekend.

Our trailer on the right and Terry and Carol's on the left. A very pretty sunrise!

This is the rear view of Don and Monica's trailer. He had an electrical problem when they arrived and while working on that, he found a water leak. The chores never end!

There is a nice little pond nearby. They have some tiny little signs warning guests of the presence of water moccasins and copperhead snakes. In my opinion the signs should be larger and not right down by the water, but that's just me...

Across the road from our site. It's gonna be a beautiful day!

As more and more arrived, around noon a group of us decided to go into town to explore the stores around the square and to get something to eat. 11 of us went to the Canton Bakery where we enjoyed a variety of sandwiches but the company was the BEST!

After finishing lunch, we walked around looking in the antique and junk stores. It was interesting to watch a crew of prisoners working around the courthouse cleaning up for some events this weekend. I'm glad to see the Sheriff's office using inmate labor. We returned to the park and some planned to get together to play games and to work on some jigsaw puzzles later. I wasn't feeling well and came on back home. Very nice first day of the rally.

So long.

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