Saturday, October 5, 2013

Friday October 4, 2013-Amana Colonies RV Park and Event Center

This morning began with a bang! We had thunderstorms with loud thunder and then about 30 minutes of hail! It was marble size but sounded like boulders hitting the roof. When the storm was over I walked around handing out agendas for the rally and found out that the only damage was a couple of flag poles that had fallen. I later heard that one couple had a window knocked out but haven't verified that.

Stella and I had to go to the nearest Wal Mart to buy a few more supplies, so we skipped going to the Octoberfest activities in Amana. We went over to Coralville, where we found the store and made our purchases. We also filled the truck with fuel and ate a quick lunch at the Steak and Shake across the street.

We returned home and got a little rest before going over to the rally hall to begin preparations for the Meet and Greet ice cream social. We had plenty of help and everything went off without a hitch. There was a good turnout and with the folks that came from the Ketelsen club, all tables were full. In introduced David Lippe as the new chapter leader for Iowa as well as the other Chapter Leaders, moderators and of course Jim and Nancy that were there.  I believe everyone enjoyed the ice cream and toppings and we had a great time. Actually we were home by 9 o'clock, but we came on inside. Our firewood was soaking wet, so no campfires and we were tired, so we came in and went to bed pretty early. Great first day of the rally.

So long.

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