Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday February 12, 2010-Mission West RV park

We woke to warmer temperatures again this morning. It is still chilly in the early morning, but it warmed up nicely during the day.Stella and I ate breakfast in the trailer this morning so we could go over to Mexico today. We left here about 9:30 or so and went down to Progresso for the border crossing there. There are still problems with the drug lords on the Mexico side in other areas and crossings, but this is where we had been across last year when we were here and we knew there is a large military presence at Progresso.

We found the Almost Free Pharmacy where we had gone last year, and again bought a year's supply of our medications for little over a month's cost on the United States side. The medications are exactly the same, so I don't understand why they are such a lower price in Mexico. This one trip across more than paid for our passports that are now required to come back to the U.S. I'm not going into a rant on the illegal alien problems that we have. The problem is actually a political one that we have, not just the illegals that come here.

Our friend Christina and I had made a bet on the Super Bowl, and my team won (Who Dat), so today I used my winnings to buy myself a new Rolex watch. Actually, my winnings only paid 1/3 of the cost of the new watch, but I got a new watch just the same.

I went to a dentist while in Mexico since I have heard how much cheaper they are over there, and by golly, it's true. I got an estimate on some extensive work that I need to have done that is less than half what it would cost from an American dentist. Am I contributing to a problem of taking my money across the border? I don't think so. I doubt that any dentist will lose his practice because I used a Mexican dentist. Remember, I'm living on a fixed income now and have to make every penny count, so if I can save a lot of money across the border, so be it. More dentists will lose out if the government goes on with this ridiculous healthcare bill that they are forcing on us, but there I go again on my political rant. I HOPE to see the CHANGE in government that NO INCUMBENT will be re-elected and EVERY "professional politician" will feel the wrath of the American voters and be sent home. I promise that this is my last political statement today

When we finished up in Mexico, we came back and stood in the long line to come back into the United States. It took much longer to get back into the US than it did to leave, but that's okay, we're back.

We went into some more of the RV parks in Weslaco and Donna to try to find a new one for next time we come down here. I met some more Heartlanders and invited them to the events next week at a couple of parks.

Ted and Donna had stayed home this morning because they forgot their passports so they couldn't go across, and Ted had made an appointment with a man to wash and wax his trailer. We called them this afternoon and decided that we would go eat at Cheddars restaurant. They have never been to one, so it was a treat for them. The food was good as usual and we had a fine time together. We had thought about going to a performance tonight at our park, but we stayed in the restaurant too long and missed it. We will see this guy tomorrow night with his family at our park, so we'll be able to give you a review of him then. We just came back home and relaxed, for tomorrow is another busy day.

So long.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, dentists in Mexico are MUCH cheaper. I used Mexican Dental Vacation 3 years ago, and they saved me more than $8000! I have not had a problem with the work they did 3 years later, and would do it again. Just Google their name.

Its nice to have no language barrier, since all of their staff speaks English, I sure would hate to have the wrong tooth pulled just because the dentist didn't understand me!