Thursday, February 11, 2010

Monday February 8, 2010-Mission West RV park

We woke to warm weather at last! We enjoyed 80 degrees today, but we are hearing that the cold weather is returning later in the week. I had found out that some of the guys in the park meet in one of the small meeting rooms for coffee, so I went down to meet them this morning. I knew one of them because he is a Bighorn owner and I had already talked to him and his wife about the luncheon next week.

When I returned to the trailer, I found that the power cord in my computer had broken, so I had to take it to get it worked on. I took it to Best Buy, where the computer was bought, but learned that they do not work on any of the hardware in the store but send them out for repairs. One of the main reasons I had bought from Best Buy was because of their "Geek Squad" service workers, but I found out that they only work on software issues but not hardware. The clerk recommended the Mr. PC in McAllen. I took the computer there and they said they could have it repaired by tomorrow. Thank goodness...

I came back home to find our friends Jim and Gina from Rayford had come by for a visit. They are in the valley to find a place to come possibly next year. We had a nice visit and made a couple of suggestion of parks for them to look at. It was good to see our friends from Rayford and to catch up with some of the news from there.

I had met a man named Gary at the flea market who was selling tank vent covers. These are similar in action to the "whirly bird" vents that many use, except that these use no moving parts. When the wind blows over the vent, it creates a vacuum that removes the odors from the tanks and are much more efficient that the older style covers. He came by the trailer to install three of them on the trailer; one on the black water tank, and two on the gray water tanks. These should help in venting these tanks, and actually, two of the vents including the black water tank, were not even connected to the vents that were installed from the factory.

After Gary got through installing the vent covers, we left and went to run some errands including going to Ron Hoover RV's to see Dalia there about the Heartland luncheon and to pick up some flyers to hand out to RV parks in this area. I also met with the Parts and Service manager to get some details worked out for the luncheon. We dropped off some of the flyers at individual trailers in the area and will go back out to drop off more.

Stella and I went to the Furr's Fresh Buffet in McAllen for a late lunch. While walking into the restaurant, we saw Marv and his wife leaving. They are also Heartland owners and we stayed near them in Goshen. He is also very active on the Heartland owners forum. We talked briefly to them but there was too much traffic in the parking lot to stay long. We went in and had a fine meal and soon returned home.

Ted and Donna came over to see a jam session of music played by some of the park residents that wanted to play. Some were good and some were not so good, but everyone had a good time. It has always amazed me of how many people down here in the valley that either sing or play music.

We left the show before it ended but we were all tired and wanted to go home to rest. Ted is flying out to Ft. Worth tomorrow, so I have to entertain both Donna and Stella. I guess I'll say a lot of yes dear for the next couple of days.

So long.

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