Friday, February 12, 2010

Wednesday February 10, 2010-Mission West RV Park

Today was more Ropas shopping. We woke and made breakfast and went over to pick up Donna at Bentsen Palms Village and set out in search of more cheap clothes, but today we had a much better idea of where we wanted to go. We soon found two strip malls with stores in them and spent a couple of hours there. Together we spent almost $200 but got about $500 worth of clothing. It was a good day.

Because I had driven her around for two days, Donna said she would buy our lunch at the Furr's Fresh Buffet. They have a great selection of foods and best of all, they have some killer coconut cream pie, but sadly, they never put any out while we were there. Make no mistake, we all got plenty to eat. I even had some pieces of a pie that had come apart in the pie plate. I read somewhere that when pie breaks up like that, just like when cookies do, that all the sugar molecules evaporate and they become good for fat people with diabetes. Lets look a little closer at a piece of lemon meringue pie for instance. The pie crust is made of flour (grain), lemon (citrus fruit) and egg whites for the meringue. Take the sugar out and everything left is good for you.

After we returned home, we rested up and went to Ted and Donna's park for a margarita "mixer" and hung around there for a "Bentsen Palms Has Talent" show. It was a really good show and we enjoyed it. Best of all, we were home by 9:30, so I wasn't out too late.

So long.

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