Thursday, February 4, 2010

Monday February 1, 2010-Moving Day, SFASP to Lonesome Longhorn

Since we were relieved of duty yesterday afternoon, you would have thought that we would have had everything put away and be ready to go at sunup, but you would have been wrong. We visited with our friends that we had made, Bobby and Debbie, A.D. and Dee, as well as Larry and Ann. We got NOTHING done on Sunday, so it all got done on Monday morning. We had originally planned to go all the way to Mission today, but we had already reconsidered and planned to go to Victoria to the Lazy Longhorn. We had heard good things about this park, and although the sites were a little tight, it was nothing we couldn't handle.

I woke early, as usual, and decided that Victoria was too close to us and that we should push on a little farther today. I picked out a small park in Sinton TX with some alternatives in other cities, but Stella wasn't too keen on stopping at a little park with all back-in sites. It wouldn't have mattered to me, and we would have been 50 or so miles closer to Mission, but she said no. Then when we started getting packed up, things seemed to go at a snail's pace and we didn't get away until about 11:30. We actually made good time on the road, and stopped once for a break. While there, we picked up a couple of sandwiches and some coffee for Stella and went on down the road. We pulled into Victoria about 2 o'clock and got the water, cable and electricity set out. It had rained on us much of the way up here, and the weather was still cold, so we went inside and just watched television. Stella fixed us something to eat for supper and we went to bed pretty early.

I had sent an email to one of our Heartland couple friends, Jerry and Diane, who are spending the winter in Victoria, but unfortunately, he didn't get my email until after we had already left. As it turned out, they were parked just across the street from the park where we were, about 200 yards away. I wish I had known it because I had walked up to the street in front of the park and actually looked over at the lot where they were but didn't see their trailer. We'll catch up to them another time.

At least the rain was soothing and we got a good night's rest.

So long.

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