Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday February 23, 2010-Hill Country RV Park

Wow, what a difference a day and some miles make! Yesterday it was 60 degrees when I went outside and it warmed up to the upper 70's before we left Mission. Today I woke to a temperature of 36 degrees and rain that soon became sleet and snow. None of it stuck to the ground and only a tiny bit stuck to the metal step at the base of our porch. I just pulled the step away so that we wouldn't slip and fall.

Yesterday when we got set up, I had found that my sewer hose wasn't long enough to stretch to the sewer pipe in this site. Also last night, when we returned home from eating, we found that one of the propane tanks had run out. I don't know who designs these portable tanks, but they are uncannily accurate in running out of propane when it is freezing cold and usually late at night. Tonight was much too early, it usually happens about 3 o'clock in the morning and I have to run out in my skivvies to switch tanks. During a lull in the snowstorm, we drove over to the Camping World store to buy the sewer hose and to see about propane. Luckily they sell propane to the public, so we got everything we needed at one stop.

When we finished at CW, I brought the propane tank back and installed it back into the trailer, and we went for a short ride around New Braunfels. It began to snow even harder, so we didn't go too far and we returned home. After the snow let up a bit, I went out and put the new sewer hose in so we can drip a little water tonight if it gets cold enough. We stayed inside the rest of the evening, warm and dry.

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