Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday February 27, 2010-Hill Country RV Park

Today was the day that we met with Jennifer, Jay, their two year old son, Ian and Melissa to go surprise my Step-Mom Willie Mae. We had planned this out earlier in the month and had changed our original plans to come here at the first part of February because Grandma Willie Mae was going to be tied up that weekend.
Today is Stella's birthday, so please join me in congratulating her on making another year. At her age, that is quite an accomplishment! Remember, she's a LOT older than I am. There is no need to remind her of that because I tell her about it all the time.

When Jennifer called this morning, they were out of bed and ready to go visit so, after dropping by the motel where they were staying, we stopped off at Naeglin's Bakery to pick up some of their delicious pastries for a late breakfast. We followed them to Grandma's house a couple of minutes behind them and the surprise was complete. She was totally surprised when we walked in. We all had coffee and our pastries at the kitchen table and had a very nice visit. Grandma Willie Mae was so surprised and happy that we were all there. We even made her cry a little bit, but it was a happy cry.

Let me tell you, if you haven't been around a VERY active 2 year old boy in awhile, they will wear you out! Thank goodness Jennifer, Jay and Melissa were good about following Ian around and keeping his little fingers out of places they shouldn't be. I was surprised that Ian took to both me and Stella, since we haven't seen him all that much, but he readily came to his Pop and MeMaw. He is all boy and quite a handful!

Later in the afternoon, we went to Oma's Haus German restaurant for supper. They have authentic German food and we all enjoyed it. After supper, we came here to our trailer so they could all see this palace that we live in. Grandma Willie Mae was surprised to see that we have a king size bed and all the amenities found in a sticks and bricks house. I guess she thought we were living in an old-style trailer with little inside it. Ian was fascinated by the upstairs bedroom and bathroom and climbed the stairs several times with Mommy and Daddy in pursuit.

We returned to Grandma Willie Mae's house and stayed there, looking through her many many picture albums and talking about old times. She had catalogued many of my Dad's pictures of his family and it was very interesting. We stayed over there until after nine o'clock when Ian began to get sleepy, and of course, his Pop agreed with him. It is late for us!

I should tell you a little about New Braunfels. My Dad and Willie Mae moved to New Braunfels 34 years ago and bought a house up in the hills above the small town after he sold out the Ford dealership in Galveston. He then worked for Bock Motor Co. for several years until he went to work for one of the McCombs Ford dealerships in San Antonio where he worked until his death in 1997. When they moved here, NB was a sleepy little town with a good tourist trade for the two rivers, the Comal and the Guadalupe, both popular for swimming and tubing down the rivers. It has exploded in growth to a very large city that is still very popular for vacations and weekend trips. We can't believe the changes in NB since we started coming up here. Many of the old restaurants and stores are now closed but there are plenty to choose from.
We enjoyed our time here and will definitely return.

So long.

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Happy Birthday, Stella!