Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010-Mission West RV Park

Tuesday morning, Ted flew out to Ft. Worth on business. I had told Donna that we would go shopping at the Ropas stores in and around Hidalgo. There are Ropas Usadas or used clothing stores and Ropas Nuevos, or new clothing stores. Donna and Stella wanted to go to the Nuevas stores, so we set out in search of them. We went to a couple of them last year in Hidalgo, so we went back and found one. The Usada stores are much easier to find but the women there seem to have their areas where they look for clothes of a certain size and/or style. One of them glared at Donna when they both tried to pick up the same item. I think Donna could have taken her, but it would have been ugly.

We shopped in two or three stores and decided to leave and try to find some more stores. Donna called Ted, who had landed in Ft. Worth. He told us to go down FM 1015 near the Progresso bridge. None of us remembered a store there, but off we went anyway. It turned out that we were right and Ted was wrong, so nah nah nah...We searched and searched but couldn't find a store.

I had called to check on my computer and learned that it would be ready this afternoon. We went to one of our old favorites for lunch, Martha's in Donna. You may remember that this place is right beside the Casa Del Sol RV Park where we all stayed last year. We all had plenty to eat and the food was delicious as usual. We stopped off at Mr. PC and picked up my computer which was as good as new.

We dropped Donna off at her trailer and we returned home. I had a big bunch of emails to look through, so that took me most of the evening and night. I am behind, as usual, but at least I have my computer back. You never realize how much you miss this contraption, but it's easy to get attached to them.

So long.

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