Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday February 3, 2010-Mission West RV park

On our first full day in Mission, we got a lot done. Stella fixed us a good breakfast to start out and we got started pretty early. It was still raining and cool here this morning, and we started out by going to Ron Hoover RV where we were having the Heartland luncheon on the 18th. I had exchanged emails with Joe Diaz the sales manager at the store and today was my first meeting with him. We worked out several details with him and another store employee, Dahlia Ramirez, who had been assigned as my contact at the store. We were there for about two hours working out these issues and I hope everything goes off well.

From there, we went to visit with an old friend that we had made last year at the Casa Del Sol RV Park, Trula and her husband Kermit. When we arrived, Trula was home alone but said she had been sick for a few days. Kermit was out running errands, so we didn't get to see him. I invited them to the luncheon and after a nice visit with her, we left. We stopped off at the Don-Wes flea market but didn't buy anything there but some oranges and grapefruit. I did make a deal with a vendor to come out here and install some vent covers that will improve our holding tank's performance. He will be out on Monday.

We went to our favorite oriental food restaurant in the valley, Lin's. The food was again very good and we had a great meal. On the way out, we met an older gentleman who said he is a preacher. We visited with him for over 30 minutes in front of the restaurant and finally had to go so we could get home before dark. We decided to go back home on Business 83 instead of the freeway 83. This was the most frustrating road I have ever been on. Not only did we have to navigate through the little towns of Weslaco, Donna, Pharr, McAllen and Mission, the road actually came to a dead end and turned us around going the opposite direction from where we had come in on. We ended up getting back on the freeway and went straight back home.

I almost forgot to mention that Ted and Donna have bought a new Hitchhiker trailer. Ted found it on E Bay after he was told about it on the Nu-Wa forum. They are very excited about their new rig and will be here on Saturday. Their trailer is being delivered from Mesa Arizona, and the driver will take their old trailer back with him as a trade-in. I will be very interested in seeing it when they get here.

I also accomplished something else today. I found a trailer washing service that will wash and wax our trailers for $80.00! That's right, $80 for a wash AND wax. I had this one washed at Rayford for $100 for wash only. How much work could this guy get if he was in Houston? Rayford Crossing alone would keep him busy.

Since we had eaten in the middle of the afternoon, we weren't hungry, so I went to bed pretty early. At least the rain had stopped!

So long.

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