Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday February 11, 2010-Mission West RV park

We didn't do too much today. We ate breakfast here at home and Stella began looking for other parks for us to stay in next year. Although we like the friendliness of this park, it is just too far away from the activities. I got caught up in my blogging which I had let lapse. I am now all caught up!

In the afternoon, we began going around checking out some of the parks that Stella had found. Ted was tied up with business again and had to take one of his clients out for lunch which kept them busy. As we went into parks to check them out, I stopped by at several Heartland trailers to invite people to the luncheon next week. I made contact with several people and left fliers at some other trailers and actually had five people that signed up to attend. One couple from Iowa was real excited at the invitation, but when they checked their calendar, they discovered that they have to go back home on Wednesday for a grandson's wrestling tournament, so they will have to miss it. I am sorry because they were so fired up about coming to this event.

We eliminated some of the parks that Stella had found because they were too tight to get around comfortably in or they had too many full-time residents. We have found that the full-time residents try to take over everything in the parks and are snobbish toward us "winter" residents.

We stopped and got fuel today and took 25.5 gallons to go 409.3 miles for a 16 MPG average. I guess that's not too bad for in town, stop and go driving. I'm just glad to have good oil pressure again in the truck.

Stella had put some pork ribs in the crock pot, so we had our supper already prepared when we got back home. She fixed some coconut rice to go with it, so we had another great meal here.

So long.

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