Friday, February 26, 2010

Thursday and Friday February 25 & 26, 2010-Hill Country RV Park

We didn't do too much the last couple of days, their entry will be combined. The weather here is still cold at night but it has been warming up nicely in the daytime. We have been enjoying it after all the cold weather this year.

I have gotten back into my walking routine every day. This is a very large park and easy to walk in. Thursday, after taking my walk, we went around to some of the Heartland trailers to drop off the contact cards given to me at the luncheon. I have some nice people by doing this.

We had to take our new coffee pot back to Wal Mart. The switch was apparently bad because when it was brewing, the light would go out for a few seconds and then it would come back on. The coffee made just fine but we noticed that it was very hot. I don't know if this is a setting for the coffee temperature or if it is just how it is made, but you can't drink the coffee for several minutes until it cools down. There is seldom a problem when returning something to Wal Mart and today was no exception. No questions asked and we were on our way to buy another coffee pot. This time, Stella won out on buying a regular coffee pot. We can always buy another 40 cup pot if it becomes necessary.

Stella wanted to have a pedicure, so I took our new coffeemaker to the truck and read a book while Stella's feet got all prettied up. While sitting there, I saw a Wal Mart security man take a shoplifter into custody. The man had apparently just walked out with a big screen TV in a shopping basket, but the scanner had caught him and set off an alarm. The police soon had the suspect on the ground and handcuffed and he was off to the jailhouse. They'll never learn!

We went to eat at the Taste of China Super buffet that Stella had seen yesterday. I'm beginning to dislike oriental food. It all tastes the same, the beef is stringy and the chicken tough. I ate it, but I'd rather have had some good old Tex-Mex.

Friday morning, I got out in the warm morning and had a nice walk around the park again. It is so nice to be able to get out and stay outdoors without freezing something off...

Stella worked on her computer today on client's stuff and I did some computer work on some contacts for the Heartland rally in April. I tried to send out some private messages on the forum, but twice after I got eight or ten entries made, I got kicked out and lost everything I had done. It was maddening but I finally got a message out, trying to attract more Houston area Heartland owners to the rally.

Stella cut my hair-what? I didn't tell you I'm letting my hair grow out? I must have know what they say about the memory. We stayed outside for a little while after the haircut and enjoyed the day, but came back inside and went back to work. We ate in the trailer for the first time since we've been here tonight.

Jay, Ian, Jennifer and Melissa are coming in tonight for a weekend visit. It will be good to see them. We have a surprise planned for their grandmother tomorrow and I will tell you more about how that goes.

So long.

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