Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tuesday February 2, 2010-Moving Day, Lazy Longhorn to Mission West

We woke up this morning and had a bowl of cereal before leaving out of this park on our way to Mission. There was little to do, and we got away about 9:30. We were in no big hurry because we don't have that far to go. We stopped a couple of times along the way for breaks and pulled into the Mission West RV Park about 3 o'clock. They escorted us to Tom's site that he just bought and got his improvements made and I got backed in without problem.

This park is much friendlier than Casa Del Sol where we stayed last year in Donna. Our neighbors all came by and introduced themselves and even people from the next street over came by to say hi. Some of it may have been due to this being Tom's site and he and Judy have made many friends here.

We were all set up by 4:30 with everything done except the Dish being tuned in. It had rained on us all day again and it was raining here, making the Dish alignment difficult because of the cloud cover. We went in and set up the air antenna for the local channels, so we had some entertainment. Of course, I had set my computer up and was furiously returning and answering emails. I am co-hosting a luncheon for Heartland in Donna on the 18th, so I had a lot to get done in the first couple of days. I had several people that had signed up and had to be added to the list of attendees.

We went to a local mexican restaurant, Tio Chuy's which is right around the corner from the park. It was delicious, and we enjoyed our meal. We were served by the grand daughter of the founder of the restaurant and she helped us make our choices from the menu. For instance, she recommended that we try their corn tortillas instead of the usual flour ones, and she made the right decision for us. The corn tortillas were the best I have ever had! The entire meal was delicious and she referred to us as "her" winter Texans. We didn't have the heart to tell her that we are both Texans by birth. She was cute and we will be back there.

We came back home and watched a little television before I turned in. It was still raining lightly, so the sleeping was good again.

So long.

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