Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesday February 24, 2010-Hill Country RV Park

We woke this morning to cold temperatures but no more snow or ice. Everyone is tired of winter and ready for spring and summer and the warm weather. This is the craziest winter ever!

We ate breakfast here in the trailer and Stella got some work done for her clients. It was too cold to go outside, so we just stayed in and I watched television while Stella worked. She wanted to get her hair cut and her nails done, so in the afternoon we went out to find her a salon. She decided that we needed to go over to San Marcos, which is about 16 miles away, to the huge Tanger Factory Outlet mall to shop. We both needed some new tennis shoes, so thats what we bought. There are many stores in the mall, but we found some bargains and came on back. We both decided that we were hungry, so since we were already out, we stopped off at another Furr's Cafeteria and had our lunch/supper. This restaurant is set up like the old style cafeteria, but allows customers to go back for as many refills as they wanted. One time through was enough for me, although I did ask our waitress for a piece of coconut pie. Stella had to call Donna to tease her about what I was doing because she had not been able to get a piece of coconut pie while we were in the valley.

I hope tomorrow is a little more active day. I don't like sitting around inside all day long.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

I tried THREE different times to get a piece of coconut pie and there never was any!! I'm going to get a piece at Tony's in Sealy in March. If there isn't any there I may have to make one and eat the WHOLE thing.