Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday February 4, 2010-Mission West RV park

Today was a relaxing day. We had errands to run and chores to get done around here. Stella fixed us some breakfast and we just hung out here. We went to get a propane tank filled near the park. We had a choice to wait until Friday when the propane truck comes into the park but we decided to try the store. It is only a couple of blocks away and much cheaper than we have been paying. Thats one of the things I like about coming down here, the lower prices.

We came back home and got the clothes ready to go to the washateria in the park. Len, another Heartland owner came by to talk about the meet and greet at the Retama Village RV Resort and the luncheon at Ron Hoover. We had a nice visit and he signed up to come to both events. This luncheon is shaping up really well and is larger than last year's at Furr's Fresh Buffet.

I took Stella over to the washateria in the park and dropped her off there. I came back home to watch TV and surf the net and of course, took a short nap in my chair. Just about the time Stella was ready to be picked up, Jeremy called and asked me to call Cameron when he got home. It seems that Mr. Cameron is not doing well in school and needed a little pep talk from Pepaw. I went and got Stella and called Cam and talked to him for fifteen or 20 minutes. I hope our little chat does some good with him. Time will tell, he'll be getting his report card next month, so we'll know then. I will be very disappointed in him if he doesn't improve his grades and his attitude.

So long.

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