Sunday, April 25, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010, travel day-Sikeston MO to Terre Haute IN

I woke this morning, still full from Lambert's cafe. I did eat a little cereal before we took off, but we're getting later and later We didn't leave until after 10 this morning! We made good time and made it into Indiana before we stopped for a break. I saw another of the FEMA trailers in the rest area. The only signs I saw on this one was the warnings about hooking up water and sewer. Other than a lot of black streaks and some hoses and wires hanging down under the trailer, it seemed to be in pretty good shape.

I forgot to tell you about an older man in the service station where we stopped for fuel. We were pulling out, coming from the diesel truck fueling area behind the station. This guy pulled out from the front of the station and never looked right nor left, pulling out right in front of me. Thank goodness my brakes are good and I was able to stop. Then he gets to the highway and without slowing down at all, he just pulls out into the road, right in front of a van, who laid on the horn for him. He's just driving, not paying attention.

We pulled into the Terre Haute KOA about 3 o'clock. This is a pretty little park where we stayed for two days last year on our trip to Goshen for the rally there. The little donkeys are still there and they added a stray puppy that someone dropped there. They are keeping it for animal control to come out and take it away. I feel sorry for animals that are abandoned like that, but we don't need another dog right now.

It rained some on us today, which just keeps the bugs off the front of the trailer. It made it cooler than it was in Texas, but not too cold to make it uncomfortable. I am liking these travel days more and more.

So long.

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