Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wednesday April 21, Travel day, Marshall TX to Benton AR

Today was a very uneventful day of traveling. We woke pretty early and ate some cereal before leaving. We pulled out about nine o'clock and soon got back onto Hwy. 59. There was a little confusion between what the GPS was telling me to do, what Stella was telling me what to do and what I was seeing on the road signs. I am more afraid of Stella than I am of the GPS, so I followed her directions and we found the roads we needed to get back onto the highway.

We again made good time on the highway, stopping only at the welcome center into Arkansas for Stella to get another map to add to her collection. We pulled into the I-30 RV park about 1:30PM. I am beginning to like these short travel days. When I planned this trip, I kept each days travel to less than 300 miles, so we don't have to start real early and still be able to get where we're going and set up well before dark each day. Many of our full-timer friends use the 2/2 or 3/3 methods for traveling. They travel 200 miles or 2 o'clock before stopping or 300 miles or 3 o'clock. It works for them and I am liking it so far.

So long.

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Barbara said...

You are more afraid of Stella than the GPS? SMART man!!!