Friday, April 2, 2010

Thursday April 1, 2010-Moving day, S. F. Austin SP to Rayford Crossing

Stella and I began our moving day by sitting out in the early morning cool, drinking our coffee and watching the birds and squirrels eat and play around the bird feeder. It is so peaceful here at the state park, especially in the spring when the trees start to fill out. Only a few people are out this morning and everyone is so friendly.

Stella made some new friends last night. Two trucks came into the park towing Casita trailers and parked across the street from us. These are the cute little oval trailers that look like an oversize capsule. Stella took Cassie out around 1o for her last trip outside when she saw a copperhead snake on the pavement near the front of our trailer. She didn't have anything but her flashlight and doggie pooper scooper in her hand, so she beat the snake to death with the plastic scooper. One of the men across the street saw it and called Stella his hero. Heck, she's my hero too because I'd have probably screamed like a girl and run to get her if I had been out there with the poisonous snake! I guess I better get her one of those portable bear lights for use when we are in snakey areas.

We got loaded up without any problem, but my new platform to hold the porch gave me a fit until I figured out how to stack everything. I had to put it in three times before everything fit just right and it rode just fine. We didn't get away until about 12:45, but we only have 60 miles or so to drive, so we weren't worried. We have been moved into site #87 temporarily until our permanent site opens up next week.

We are so glad to be back here, with several of our friends still here in the park. I learned that the guys are still meeting in the morning for coffee, so I have to get up early and go down to the rally hall in the morning.

I was pretty tired from knocking everything down and putting it back together today, so I took a shower and turned in early. I forgot that it will likely be dark when I walk down to the rally hall and I didn't have time to get that bear light. I hope a big ol' diamond backed, copper headed cobra doesn't get me in the morning. If I don't make any more posts here, you know the snake got me!

So long.

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