Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wednesday April 7, 2010-Rayford Crossing Resort

Today is the big day, closing day on the house! We began the day in our normal fashion, me going to have coffee and Stella and Cassie sleeping in. The last of the winter Texans will be leaving next week and I am not sure if we will still have coffee, but my Heartland rally people will be coming in, so we will have coffee here at my place if not in the rally hall.

We did the "Rayford shuffle" this morning. I knew that we would have to move when we got here, and today is the day. I ate a quick breakfast when I returned and we got busy. It only took about 45 minutes to get everything ready. I took the outside things over in the truck and by the time I had everything done outside, she had the inside ready to close up and be moved. We didn't bother to put a lot of things away, since we were only moving a block away, so it went very quickly. I got Warren to help me load up the porch into his truck, so we were done in less than an hour and a half.

We both cleaned up and went to the title company office to sign away our house. It closed without any problem, since we are the only owner of the house. We bought it almost exactly 26 years ago, and while we are sad to leave our home, it opens a new chapter in our life. Living in our RV full time has been everything we had thought it would be, and we are looking forward to many more years of traveling and seeing the country. I probably embarrassed Stella by yelling WooHoo on the sidewalk in front of the title company, but man, was I happy!

We drove over to Timber Ridge Village, where we will be living for the next three months as soon as we return from Elkhart. The park looks okay, but it's not Rayford. We don't know which site we will be in, but someone else has moved into the site where Rick and Brenda had been in. We know the couple and they are building a new home nearby, so perhaps they will move sooner than we think. We'll work it out to find a nice spot to stay in.

We stopped off to eat at Mel's Country Cafe for our lunch/supper (lupper?). We have eaten here many times in the past and it was just as good today. Remember me telling you about my good friend Bill eating the double Gonzales burger? If you look at the Mel's mega burger, I think you'll agree that it would be very difficult to eat one of those is made up of one and one half pound of ground meat, one pound of bacon and a quarter pound of cheese, plus a lot of lettuce and tomatoes. This thing is HUGE! Look at the pictures on their website! It's about a foot high! You must eat everything on your plate in two hours to get your name on the wall as someone that has done it.

We came on back home but I couldn't stop yelling WooHoo! over the sale of the house. We are very excited to have gotten this done and only wish we had been able to do it a year ago. WooHoo!

We sat outside for awhile in the cool evening, but the wind came up and it looked like rain so we came inside, WooHoo! I went to bed and did another couple of WooHoos before I went to sleep. I woke at my normal time and startled the sleeping Stella with another WooHoo but it wasn't as loud as the ones before. WooHoo!!!

So long. WooHoo!

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Congrats Jay and Stella!!