Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thursday April 22, 2010, Travel day-Benton AR-Sikeston MO

We pulled out of Benton this morning about 9:30. We seem to be getting into the swing of this short trip days, and just took our time getting away. The last time we were here, there were two Heartlands in the park but they are gone now. We were the only one there today but thats okay. They'll learn that the more Bighorns and Landmarks there are, the more attractive their park is.

There were no mishaps today, and we pulled into Sikeston and the Hinton RV Park about 3PM. There is a free shuttle between the park and Lambert's (home of the throwed rolls). We rested a bit after getting hooked up and went over to the office and they called for the shuttle for us. When we got through with our meal, I was glad the van had a very large sliding door, because as much as I ate, I needed the extra room to get in. I'm surprised that the van didn't turn over when we got in! Lambert's is well worth going to and there are three cafes, and I'm sure that all are equally good.

When we left in the morning, we decided to buy fuel at a truck stop near the park. They had the lowest prices that we've seen, so we filled up. We took 70 gallons to go 708.9 miles for a 10.1 MPG average.

So long.

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