Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday April 27, 2010-Moving day-Elkhart Campground to the Red Roof Inn

We woke this morning and began getting things ready to go. We hated having to pack up clothes, toiletries and everything that we needed, to move out but Stella decided to remove most of the things we have in the refrigerator and freezer because we don't want to take a chance on it thawing and ruining our fridge. Jim had first told us that we could run it on propane but I had asked about plugging it in. Not only that, but we had to put things away and get the trailer ready to move. This sucks!!

We left the park this morning about 9:20 and drove the two miles to Heartland. We drove to Fenner's office and. Heartland owns a huge complex now, of I don't know how many buildings and plants. Anyway, I went inside and got Jim and we followed him to the customer service building. We got to meet the technician that was going to do the work on our trailer. He seems to know what he's doing, and didn't see anything unusual. He promised to take care of our home and said it should be ready to go by Friday.

We stopped off at Perkins for Stella to eat breakfast. I had eaten a leftover sandwich so I wasn't hungry. When we got through, we tried to get into our motel room but the person that was already in the room wasn't out yet. We waited until after noon and finally got into our room. We actually got a room with a small refrigerator and microwave, so we had a place to put our cold stuff. I had left a couple of the larger items from the freezer with JD and told them to eat them if they wanted.

The Wigleys were coming over to this motel to set up their stay here, so when they got here, we decided to go over to Valparaiso Ind. to see some trucks at Classy Chassis. It took us about an hour and a half to get there on the backroads route that the GPS took us on, but we made it. The dealer was somewhat of a disappointment to us because they had no inventory of new trucks, only used ones. I'm sure they would have built one for me if I had asked, but I wanted to look at something now.

We drove back to Elkhart on the toll road, and it was a much shorter route. I forgot that I had set my program on the GPS to avoid toll roads, so I will have to keep this in mind when we do any more traveling. It would have been very expensive if we had the trailer with us, so to save money I will continue to avoid the toll roads.

When we checked into the motel, they gave us some discount coupons for some local restaurants. We all decided to go to the Texas Roadhouse for supper and had a very good meal.

We returned to our motel room to watch NCIS on television. Let me tell you, we can't wait to get back into our trailer. When you just use a motel room to sleep, as we had done in the past when we would visit family, it seemed to be a nice size room, but now that we're using it to watch television and actually "live" in it, we realize how small it really is. I hope they get our trailer fixed soon.

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