Friday, April 30, 2010

Thursday April 29, 2010-Red Roof Inn, Elkhart IN

The famous gold done at Notre Dame.
A beautiful wall mural on campus.

The Notre Dame football stadium. How many famous athletes have played here?

A sculpture in the river in South Bend.

A huge old building in South Bend. I'm sure that someone that is familiar with this area will tell me what this building houses. It had no signs that I saw.
We woke again this morning in this tiny little motel room. I'm not claustrophobic but this place seems to be getting smaller by the day. At least we have our own coffee pot and don't have to go to the office for coffee any more.
We decided to go over to White Pigeon Michigan today to look at Quadra Mfg. where they make the Big Foot hydraulic leveling systems for trucks, motorhomes and trailers. Our friend Ted has this system on his trailer and we thought we'd look at it while we're up here with nothing to do. This system looks much heavier than the competition and much more robust. It is more expensive, but is probably worth it in reliability. We will talk about it since we're not doing anything else to this trailer until the repairs are made and we see how it will hold up.
We went over to South Bend and the Notre Dame campus. Is it called Noter Dame or Notre Dahm? I don't know. It's a beautiful campus but there was so much traffic and so many students walking around, it was hard to stop and take photos.
We came back here and walked over to the Menard's store that is right next door. It's an interesting place with everything from groceries to lawn supplies. Kind of like a Wal Mart on steroids.
CJ and JD Wigley invited us over for supper tonight. We had given them some frozen chicken and a turkey breast to hold onto for us while the trailer is in the shop, and they bought some potato salad and other goodies and we all ate well. We stayed over there until about 8:30 and came on back to this little motel room. It was nice to just be able to sit in a trailer again. We'll be glad when our's comes back!
So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

Note-er Dame is the English contortion of the French Notra Dahm. Just like Versailles, IN which is Ver-Sigh in French but what do they care in Indiana how they talk in France? Hang in there old buddy. Let's hope the light at the end of the tunnel isn't a train coming in the opposite direction.