Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday June 4, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

We woke to the same old-same old weather. Hot and muggy with a small chance of rain. Actually it has rained a small amount this week, but it just makes it steamy. I took Stella to work and did the morning routine for her. She wants me to come back this afternoon to help her get things boxed up in preparation for the office move.

Cameron called last night and asked if they can come to the park this weekend to spend some time with us. Yeah, right! they want to come to hang out with the other kids in the park and swim in the pool. It's just incidental that we are here too.

I did come back over to Timber Ridge this afternoon, but the only things that I needed to box up took me less than 30 minutes to get done, so I spent some time sitting in the truck reading my book. I found an empty site that was shaded and sat there, running the air conditioner only when necessary. I have a theory that it is good for the body to sweat, but with this heat, it doesn't take long to work up a very body-cleansing sweat. I sat outside as long as I could and went into the office to sit in one of the uncomfortable folding chairs there for awhile. I'm not complaining about the chairs because they aren't there for comfort, but for guests that are checking in.

On the way home, we heard from Cameron again. It seems that he is coming down with strep throat and will need to stay home until Monday to see how he is doing, so I won't have to go down and get them tomorrow after all.

We met our neighbors, Chuck and Robbie and sat outside with them for awhile tonight. The skeeters got pretty bad and we called it a night. We are in the best sites in the park for evening socializing. We have the afternoon shade, which makes it nice to sit out in the evening.

So long.

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Juju and Harry said...

I hate to here that it is hot, muggy, and sketters there. The weather is not that great here in Idaho, mid 60's during the day and low 50's at night and no bugs. They have been having record rain fall here the other day they had almost an inch.