Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tuesday June 22, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

We woke this morning and had breakfast in the trailer, before Stella had to go to work. It worked out pretty well because after the fridge went out, Stella had fried up all the bacon, sausage and ground meats to prevent them from ruining and a package of frozen Pillsbury biscuits that we have been buying for our breakfast. Since the food had already been cooked, all she had to do was put it together, so we had a good breakfast that was quick to prepare.

I took her to the park and did the drive-through with her the first thing in the morning. There were no new trailers in, and two had left as planned, so everything was in order this morning. I dropped her off and came back home. I worked some on the October Heartland rally plans and Stella called about 1 o'clock to ask if I would move a man's trailer for him. I found out a little bit about it and agreed to move it for him. I met him at the park at 3, and he took me over to the other side of Tomball where the trailer was. It was near the Countryside RV Park that Stella and I had stayed in after our evacuation for Rita. The trailer was an older Hitchhiker fifth wheel that was in pretty poor condition. The battery was dead and we had to crank up the front landing jacks by hand, which worked up a good sweat for both of us. We checked it over before I hooked up to it, checking the tires and lights and other safety items. The lights didn't come on at first but soon one of the back tail lights came on and after pulling out, he told me that the brake lights worked too. I made my way carefully through Tomball, avoiding any traffic problems. The first issue I had was at the corner of FM 2920 and FM 2978 where we had to turn left onto 2978. An 18 wheeler truck and trailer had slipped off into the deep ditch. There was also construction at the corner, which made for a tight turn. I had to swing out very wide to make the turn and still barely missed the truck's mirror. We made it through, but it was exciting... The only other issue I had was at one of the cross-streets. The cross street was much higher than the road that we were on, and it was pretty bumpy, going over it. I was worried about the tires going over the bumpy roads, but we made it just fine. The house where he wanted the trailer taken was nice and easy to get into and park the trailer where he wanted it, and I got it placed with no problem. He paid me a little bit to move it, and I went back over to Timber Ridge and picked Stella up. We came home and had supper here. Today is Tuesday, so I had to watch my show, NCIS. Gotta get that Gibbs and Dinozo fix for the week.

So long.

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