Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tuesday June 8, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Those lazy boys slept late again this morning. When they finally struggled out of the covers we all ate some cereal for breakfast and I went out and ran some errands. I went to the hardware store and bought some nuts to repair the couch. Apparently the boys squirming around in the bed makes the legs wiggle and the nuts had fallen off the screws holding the legs on, so I bought some more nuts to fix it. When I got done there, I went to Ripley's Automotive to have the dash checked on the truck. When I got there and explained what I wanted done, they again referred me to Jake's Automotive for work on a diesel. I called Jake and made an appointment with him to set up an appointment for tomorrow for him to get started on the work.

While I was at Ripley's it started to rain hard. The wind was blowing and before we knew it, we were in the middle of a storm! When it slacked up a bit, I got back in the truck and came back home. Of course the TV had gone out in the storm, so the boys were mad. I told them that there was nothing I could do about the storm having knocked out the park's Direct TV connection, but they were bored. I told them to go to the pool when the cloud cleared up. During the high winds, one of the premium sites had the umbrella blow away and the glass table top shattered. This was the site where our friends Warren and Judy stay in the winter. also during the storm the power had gone off and the fridge shows to be running on propane but the power is back on, so there is something seriously wrong with the unit. Johnny is supposed to be out tomorrow to check on it, so maybe he will find out what's wrong.

The boys went for their swim when the weather cleared up and Stella and I stayed in the house, thankful for the peace and quiet for a little while. When they finished swimming, we went down and played a few games of ping pong and came back home and ate some leftover sugar-free cobbler. The boys had ice cream and I must confess that I had some too, but it was sooo good!

Stella made her goulash for supper and we had a nice evening in the trailer. Being Tuesday, I watched NCIS and when it was over, I went and laid down and read a new book that I had bought yesterday at Sam's. Cameron came in and crawled in bed with PePaw and we told stories until he got sleepy. He likes sleeping with me until MeMaw comes to bed and he gets into his own bed. It's hard to beat this life of few worries and the grandsons staying with us. LIFE IS GOOD!

So long.

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