Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saturday June 5, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Another lazy but hot Saturday morning here...I went down and had coffee with Andy and Ed this morning. This will be Andy's last coffee here until the fall when they return. He is the last of the Winter Texans to leave and we will miss him.

Others that will miss him will be the fish in the local ponds and streams. He is a very avid fisherman and spends much of his day "wetting a hook" and trying to coax the fish to bite it. He must be on a catch and release program because I've never seen any of his catches nor have I heard of him giving fish away, so they must swim away after being caught.

Andy bought a neat little gadget, a floating bobber with a wireless depth finder. He can cast it out and it gives him the depth of the water and also "paints" a picture of any fish below it. It has a screen, one that goes on the rod handle and another model with a wrist band. What will they think of next....

I came back home and ate breakfast with Stella this morning. She is off the the next several days because they are moving her office building out and putting in another office/bathhouse. It should be in by the end of next week, so she'll be back on duty then.

We decided that we needed to level the trailer better, I'm sure that you remember that I moved it over here into this site by myself and it seemed level at the time, but it was off just a bit, so we decided to straighten it out today. It really didn't take very long but I had to disconnect all the utilities and move the steps away from the trailer and backed it up a couple of feet and added some more blocks to make it level again.

When we got through with that project, I decided that since I have the platform in the back of the truck, I would use this to stand on to wash down the front of the trailer. There were many baked-on bugs all over the front and I have gotten tired of looking at it. With arthritis in my shoulders, it's very hard for me to exert the pressure necessary to scrub with a long handled brush, so I can use the platform to scrape the bugs off the trailer. It was much easier to get done now, but I made it a breeze to get them off by using some leftover Streak-X samples that I had laying around. I had gotten these samples a couple of years ago from the company to use as gifts at one of my Heartland rallies and had forgotten how easy it makes bug removal. It took very little effort and the front of the trailer is sparkling clean.

I came back inside to recover from the heat and got a call from my brother Phil. He, his wife Carol and their son Matthew were up here on the north side of Houston and wanted to drop by. They were on their way up to do some shopping, so I told them to come on by. Stella and I both took quick showers and changed clothes, and after another telephone call, decided to just meet them for lunch. They wanted mexican food, so we took them to the Casa Imperial, one of our favorite restaurants. We had a good meal there and came back here to relax and catch up with the family.

Carol is a cancer victim and it is good to see her out and about and eating well. She is about mid way through with her treatment, and she looks great. We stayed here for about two hours and it was interesting to see the way Matthew and Cassie played in the floor. Matthew isn't a kid any more and will a junior in high school. My, my how time flies! It seems like only yesterday that they brought him home from the hospital. Closer to home is Cameron who will be in the fifth grade next year and Tyler, who will be in the eighth! Wow, where did the time go?

So long.

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