Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Monday June 7, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Here is Tyler, being guarded in bed by Cassie. Cam has already gotten up but Tyler likes to sleep in. I don't blame him because it is his summer break and he needs his rest.

Here they are in their normal daytime positions. Cameron is in Stella's chair on my computer and Tyler is at the table on Stella's computer. They spend a lot of time in these positions when they visit.
Today is our first full day with the boys this summer. They sleep in until 8 o'clock or so, but their bed isn't in our way so we can make the coffee and breakfast and not have them in our way, unlike our old trailer that covered the entire living room floor.
We took the boys with us to run some errands. We went to the bank and opened a Heartland account for our rallies. This way, we can keep the money separate from our household account and track where we've spent the money. We went by Timber Ridge to show them where Stella works and for us to look around the park. We found one new trailer in the park, but since we don't know who has checked in, we can only assume that it is recorded and they paid for the site. The old office is gone but the new one hasn't been moved in yet. I believe it will be in tomorrow with the utilities to be hooked up later in the week.
We went back to Parkway Chevrolet to look further at the '09 truck that I found. They did an appraisal on my truck but their offer came back way lower than we had expected-about half of what we expected to get for the truck. I had already looked up our truck on the Kelly Blue Book website to determine a value, but when Helen, our saleslady, came back with their offer, negotiations pretty well stopped. I really don't understand the deal with General Motors. They have several 2009 trucks that will be two model years old in just a couple of months and they don't want to deal on them. It's no wonder they're bankrupt. They dropped the factory rebates and discounts, then try to steal my trade-in. I understand that they have to make a reasonable profit, but I don't want to get the company out of debt with my purchase. I went home and checked the NADA website and came up with similar figures for our trade in and called Helen back to tell her. We'll see if she calls back with another offer.
We came on back home from there, stopping off at a Valero station to buy fuel. I had found this place that is apparently in a local price war with a Citgo down the street, and has diesel fuel for $2.71 per gallon, by far the best price in the area. The cut-off on the machine was $250.00 and I didn't swipe my card again to fill it completely but the big tank took 82 gallons to fill, and I put an additional 9 gallons in the small tank, so I am near full and have plenty of fuel to run around for a few days aboard.
We went to Sam's club and bought some food to restock after the fiasco with the refrigerator. The boys helped us pick out things that they like, so we're also stocked up with their foods. We couldn't buy everything we needed at Sam's so we stopped by the house and dropped off the goodies that we bought there and went to Kroger to finish shopping. I wasn't feeling well because of a low blood sugar, so I stayed in the truck and ate a small candy bar to raise my sugar level and soon was all better.
The boys were hungry so we took everything home and went to the Chick-Fillet for supper. The food there is pretty good but they have very good milk shakes. Stella ordered one and I drank just a few sips of it, but stayed with water for my own drink. Trying to be a good boy...
We came on back home and hung out here in the park for the rest of the night. The boys went down to the pool to swim and had a good time in the pool. There are few people in the park, so they had the pool to themselves. They came back home, tired and ready for bed soon after. It had been a full day of fun for them.
So long.

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