Monday, June 14, 2010

Saturday June 12, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Well, here we are, sitting in the heat while the oil spill keeps on ruining the beaches and wildlife areas of the Gulf Coast. I don't mean to lessen the damage that is being done, but let's look at this thing realistically. Oil and gas wells have been drilled offshore for about 60 years and this is the first major incident as far as I know. I don't claim to be an expert on oil spills and leaks but I know there are more than a couple of real experts working on this problem even as we speak. I get real tired of politicians grandstanding and demanding that BP put up twenty billion dollars in an escrow account for the damages. I can't even write out twenty billion, but that's only an afternoon's work for Congress, spending that much money. So much for my BP rant.

I got up this morning and had coffee with the guys, but only Ed showed up. Cameron did come down and had part of a cup before he spilled the rest. That Boy! At least he was up and about before nine.

I went over and helped Ed and a new friend named Terry reinstall his awning. He had damaged the barrel of his awning when the canvas filled with rainwater. He had left and forgot to roll the awning in. His wife was running water over some meat to thaw it and heard a noise and went out to check, and found the awning and called Terry. By then the water had filled the sink and was running onto the floor of the trailer, so now they had two messes to clean up. We got the awning replaced after about an hour, but man, was it hot!

I came back home and cooled off (napped) in my chair while arguing with Tyler over my computer. He loves to play on it, and we have lively arguments over his time on it. Later in the afternoon, we took them to Red Robin for their supper. They love this place, but its too expensive to go to very often. We came back home and they went for another swim. This is their last night here and they wanted to get in one more swim.

So long.

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