Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday June 16, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Today was another laid-back but very hot day here in the park. We have been getting afternoon rains and showers for the past few days but it's just enough to make it steamy after the rain has fallen.

Today I took Stella to work and when we got there, I robbed the money out of the laundry and coke machine there. There were lots and lots of quarters, I expect a couple of hundred dollars worth, since the park was closed last week and no one took the change out. I swept out the laundry to help Stella out after we did the drive-through to see any changes in the park residents. There were no changes in the park, so I was soon finished with my chores there and returned home.

Jake had called last night and told me the truck was ready, so I went over to my friend John's house to see if he would ride over to pick up the truck with me but wasn't home. He had taken his neighbor to Camperland to pick up his motorhome that had some work done there, so I told Jan, John's wife, what I needed from him and she said she would tell him when he got home. John came over a little after 3 and we went to get the truck. Jake was ready for me when we got there, so after I paid him, John followed me to drop the car off at Enterprise. I took John home and dropped him off and went to pick up Stella from work. I had called her and told her that I might be late picking her up, but I made it on time after all. She seems to like her new office but there are still a few things that need to be done before it is perfect.

We stopped off at HEB and bought a few items and came home and ate bacon and tomato sandwiches for supper. We haven't completely filled the refrigerator because the new circuit board hasn't come in and we don't fully trust the fridge. I stay in touch with Johnny and he tells me it should be in any day. I hope so, we get tired of going to the grocery store every couple of days but at least we have fresh milk and bread.

So long.

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