Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday June 6, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Here's our old house in Dickinson after the remodeling is finished and the house is for sale. We just wish we had made the decision to sell it sooner.

This morning, we woke pretty late and began to eat our breakfast in the trailer. Tommy called and invited us to eat lunch with them at Cheddars and of course, we did. They came up and picked us up and after a short visit here, we took off for the restaurant. We were there just a few minutes after they opened but we didn't have a very long wait. I think this place would be just as busy if it were twice the size. The food is very good and reasonably priced. They brought us home and we sat inside, out of the heat for a few minutes before they left to go back home.

I had volunteered to help the park out by picking up the trash this afternoon. Chuy is off on Sunday and normally either Billy or Nick picks up the trash, but they were gone for the weekend and I told them I'd pick it up. They told me not to start until after noon, so everyone would have a chance to get moved out and the trash all put out for pickup. I went and got the golf cart and came and picked up Stella. I let her drive the cart and I walked the park-getting my exercise-and got all the trash bags picked up. It wasn't a bad job, but it was HOT!! I broke a sweat as soon as I came outside, but the job didn't last all that long. We were glad to pay a little bit back to Billy and Gwen for everything they have done for us over the years.

While we were eating at Cheddars, Cameron had called me. Not wanting to interrupt our lunch, I told him I'd call him back. After getting back home and relaxing for awhile, I called him back. He asked me to come pick him up on Monday and Tyler on Wednesday. It seems that he wants to come on up and Tyler wants to go to Moody Gardens with the day care at the Karate school. After some discussion, it was decided that we would come on down this afternoon and get them and Tyler would blow off his trip. We went on down pretty soon after hanging up the phone. We ran through a heavy rainstorm in the way down which slowed us down but we made it back home by 8 o'clock. We stopped by our old house (pictured above) and because the boys were hungry, we picked up some sandwiches on the way home. It didn't appear to have rained here at the park at all.

Its good to get the boys up here with us again. They will have a good time here and we will enjoy having them with us.

So long.

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