Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday June 1, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Since the fridge is now working again, Stella got up this morning and put everything away from the ice chest back into the refrigerator. This is getting old! I called Johnny at the RV service and left him a message that the thing is working again. He has already told me that he can't do any diagnostics if its working, so it is pointless for him to come out. We'll see how long it lasts this time.

Me and some of the guys are having coffee again in the rally hall, so I went down and made it up for us and came back home to shower and clean up. Although I expected a few guys to show up, only Andy came down this morning, so we had plenty of coffee.

I came home and ate breakfast before I took Stella to work. When we got there we made a drive around the park to see what differences there were this morning but there was only one new rig in the park. Of course she got everything straightened out shortly and under control like I knew she would. I came home and worked on our summer trip with the boys. Now I just have to talk to Kim about when she needs the boys back to get them ready for school and I can make the reservations. I'm looking forward to a fun trip with them and it will be their first trip to the Rockies. It should be a lot cooler there to boot, so we'll all get some relief from this heat.

So long.

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