Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friday April 30, 2010-Red Roof Inn, Elkhart IN

We've gotten into a bad habit of sleeping in until 8:30 or even later! You'd think we don't have anything to do. We ate a muffin in the motel room and finally struggled out and got on the road to Auburn Indiana to visit the three museums there. There is a Cord-Deusenberg museum, an Auto-Truck museum and a Military museum there and we plan to visit all three. We left for Auburn about 11 o'clock, forgetting about calling Jim Fenner at Heartland about seeing our trailer. I called him while we were on the road and he told me that we might want to go see it today and not bother the guys that are coming in tomorrow on overtime. That made sense to me, so we made our way through the beautiful countryside back to Elkhart.

We decided to eat a quick bite at the Colonial Pancake house in Elkhart. This is the same lace that I had eaten at when I was here, 10 years ago when I tried delivering trailers. I had not been diagnosed as diabetic for very long at that time, and I came in hungry. I had a stack of pancakes for my breakfast, never thinking about my blood-sugar levels, so when I got hired in at Pinnacle Transportation, they sent me for a drivers physical. My sugar level was about 330 at the time and the doctor told me he could have failed me for having a level that high, but I explained what had happened to him and promised that I would be more careful if he would just let me go this time. He did, and I went to work and the rest is history.

We went over to Fenner's office and waited a short time for him to return. He took us over to the trailer in the production line. They had put the front landing jacks and all four wheels on caster wheels so it could be moved around on the floor in the line. The fridge had been removed so it could remain plugged in and cold but otherwise is looked pretty much like it had when we saw it the other day. I was reassured to learn that they will inspect the roof where the water had gotten in and floor by Stella's chair where it had been wet for damage and would repair if necessary. I am convinced that everything will be fixed when we pick it back up.

We also learned that a representative from Flair Industries had come over to look at our chairs. He had decided that it would be better if he just replaced the chairs, so next week we will be getting brand new chairs. Wow, what service!

We got a few more things out and came back to our motel room. I later went down to the office and got us some coffee (good husband that I am!) and we watched television for the evening. I still don't care for motel living and wish we were back in our trailer, but at least its quiet here.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

You'll have a whole new trailer when you get back to Texas!