Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday May 14, 2010, Moving Day, Benton AR back to Sikeston MO

Since we know that we must go back to Elkhart to get this thing fixed, we got up this morning and got ready to leave Benton. JD had suggested that I remove the tightening bolts on my stabilizers on the frame of the trailer, since we wouldn't be using them as we travel and they require tightening before we leave and then I have to crawl under the trailer and loosen then when we arrive for the night. It made sense to me, so I took them out and put them in a sack in the underbelly. Now you can remind me where put them I when I can't find them.

We ate in the trailer this morning but still didn't get away until a little after 10. That's okay because we don't have that far to go. We only made one stop for fuel and potty at a rest stop and went on down the road.

I saw only one group of three FEMA trailers today. I know they're not all gone but this is all I saw today. I did see another group of Corvettes. Most of the times we've traveled up here we've seen a group or two of Corvettes. I saw several year models and body styles of 'Vettes that were going in the opposite direction of us.

Since we are traveling on the weekend, Stella called ahead and made us reservations for tonight in Sikeston and tomorrow in Terre Haute. It has been suggested that we try to get "frequent camper" discounts from these two parks. And no, smarty, we didn't come back this way to eat at Lambert's again. The food is great there, but we ate here both coming up and going back and that is enough. It wouldn't do for me to live here...

Did I tell you about seeing the trailers that belong to a group of people that stay at Rayford during the winter? There is a group of four or five trailers that belong to some people that do blacktop work, and have been coming to Rayford for the last couple of years. I recognized a Corvette that one of them drives and then noticed two pickup trucks with their company name on the side. The last thing I noticed was a really long trailer that one of them just bought. It looks like it's about 45 feet long. Small world...

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

That's Ms. Smarty to you! I'm looking forward to our "throwed rolls" on the 26th! But once will be enough.