Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday May 13, 2010-I-30 Campground, Benton AR

Well, here we are in a nice little park beside I-30 in Benton Arkansas, sitting three doors down from our friends CJ & JD. When we woke this morning, we decided to get started on our chores while we are here, and waiting on word from Heartland about what will be done with our trailer.

We started by taking the trailer to JJ's Truck Stop near Benton to get the truck/trailer weighed. Again the GPS failed us by telling us to exit only a couple of exits from where we are, when I knew we had to go about 10 miles to the truck stop. We found it in spite of the bad directions and got everything weighed. The combination of truck and trailer weighs 23,100# with the truck alone weighing 8740# and the trailer weighing 14,360#, all within reasonable limits. A little over the individual limits but not bad, and after all, it's everything we own and need. There are a few things that we can get rid of to make the numbers work better.

After returning home, I worked on setting up our computer network, so we can receive a secure Internet signal. It wasn't too hard and I had excellent help from the 3-G store where I bought the router.

I spent the afternoon surfing the 'net and getting the blog caught up while Stella worked on rearranging the cabinets and getting our clothes ready to be examined and some being discarded.

Jim F. called from Heartland and gave me some great news. He said he has no idea what may have happened to the trailer, but said they will make it right. He said he will pay us for our fuel from Benton to Elkhart and if necessary, pay for a motel if they have to keep the trailer over night. I know that they worked very hard on the trailer but something just broke. We don't know what it was, but I'm confident that we will find out and get it fixed.

CJ and JD made supper for us, some delicious tacos and a wonderful coconut pie for dessert. What a nice way to end this day. We got a lot accomplished today, and hopefully we'll get the trailer fixed up and be back to Timber Ridge to work in another week or so.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

You aren't fooling me. Two more shots at "throwed rolls" in Sikeston.

Sure hope this does the trick. We feel badly for you and are eagerly awaiting your return. Just 11 days to see you before we take off.