Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday May 21, 2010-Moving day, Sikeston MO to Benton AR

Today was a much easier day of traveling. I slept like a log last night, and it's good to be back in warm weather so I can use the air conditioner in the bedroom. I sleep so much better with the white noise of the A/C and cold temps.

When we arrived last night there was another Bighorn trailer in the site near us. Our friend Rich and Effie Knight soon came out and talked to us. They had been to one of our rallies in Spring, so it was good to see them again. We had another nice visit this morning before we both pulled out. We left a few minutes after 9, which is later than we wanted to do, but we have another short day of driving so it really doesn't matter.

We stopped at the Express Fuel Center in Sikeston for fuel again. Their fuel is much cheaper than anyone else that we have seen on our trip, so we again took advantage. We paid $2.79 per gallon and took 61.4 gallons to go 596.9 miles for a 9.72 mpg average.

I must admit that Stella got the best of me on the VW game today. She saw three old VW's on the side of the road in one spot and saw a couple more along the road. I only saw two, so today she beat me. Beginner's luck...And the best thing, my arm doesn't hurt at all!

We made really good time all day and pulled into Benton about 3 and were happy that the I-30 park could take us in tonight. CJ had sent an email this morning to tell us that the park was very full and to call for a reservation early in the morning. Stella had done just that, but the lady in the office said that they only had two sites left and they were first come-first served and they couldn't take reservations on them. We made plans to go on down the road in case we couldn't get in, but we got one of the last remaining sites when we got here.

We went out to eat supper with CJ. JD was down with a bad knee, so he didn't go with us. We went to J.T Colton's Steakhouse for supper. We had a very good meal, and JD certainly missed out! CJ was nice enough to take him some of her steak, so he wouldn't go hungry.

We came back and went over to their house and chatted with them for awhile. JD got up and came out with us, so we got to spend some time with him too before we left.

The bad refrigerator didn't fix itself on the bumpy roads back down here, so we took everything out of it and put it into an ice chest. Some of the food had to be thrown away because it had warmed up too much to be safe to eat. That's all we need, to get sick from eating bad food.

Early day tomorrow and a long drive.

So long.

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