Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday May 16, 2010, Moving day-Terre Haute IN to Elkhart IN

We got up this morning and went to the cafe at the park for breakfast. We were both tired last night and I slept in until 6 o'clock this morning, about 3 hours later than usual. And don't forget that we changed time zones last night when we got to Indiana.

We had a nice breakfast and still got away about 9:30. It's funny because we hadn't done anything to get ready to leave, but after breakfast I stopped to speak with one of the Heartland owners that I met last night and he was about halfway through his "putting things away" routine and we still beat him out of the park!

It started to rain again just as we got going, but we still made pretty good time. We stopped at a rest area just before getting to the loop around Indianapolis for our first stop but it was not as pretty as some of the others we have stopped at. The rest stops in Texas are the most functional and largest, but some in Indiana and Illinois are prettier.

We got to Elkhart about 3 o'clock and got checked into the Elkhart Campground. They are doing some repairs/improvements here and the back rows where we stayed last week were now closed. They seem to be putting in underground cables in conduit and new water lines, but I didn't ask anyone. Perhaps the next time we come up here, we'll have cable to watch and better water pressure.

Stella and I are exhausted from all these days of traveling but we want to get the trailer fixed once and for all. I am still confident that they can do it here.

So long.

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