Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday May 8, 2010-moving day-Red Roof Inn to Elkhart Campground

Today is the day that we've been waiting for, the day we move back into the trailer. We woke for the last time in the motel room and after cleaning up, we went to eat breakfast at Ryan's buffet breakfast.

It was freezing cold and raining this morning, but we got 'er done. After breakfast, we returned to the room and loaded up most of our stuff including Cassie and came to the campground. We still had a mess to put away in the trailer but Stella worked hard getting things put away and stowed in their proper place. I helped where I could, but she pretty much shooed me out when I tried to help. I guess its a woman thing...

I took a box full of things that we didn't want any more to the office here at the campground. All of these things were good, they were just things we didn't want and couldn't see throwing them away. Maybe someone will get some use out of them. We hope so.

We found one problem that we'll have to contact Jim with Heartland about on Monday. We found some wet carpet beside Stella's chair in the living room and then noticed a gap at the slide, so we're sure that's where it came from. It should be a simple adjustment for one of the technicians. I plan to call Jim early on Monday morning so I can get the trailer in on our way out of town.

We ate our first home-cooked meal in a couple of weeks this evening. We only had soup and a grilled cheese sandwich but after eating out for all this time, it tasted like sirloin. We really did okay during the time the trailer was down, even though we ate out all the time. We didn't go to the grocery store, and although we tried to salvage everything in the refrigerator and freezer, some things just didn't make it. One package of sausage swelled up and we threw it away. There are some more meat items that we will likely get rid of. Why take the chance of getting food poisoning for $10 worth of meat?

The rain stopped but it got cold again and the wind started blowing hard, so we just stayed inside, nice and warm. I got to see an episode of NCIS that I wasn't real familiar with and went to bed pretty early.


So long.

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