Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday May 9, 2010-Elkhart Campground

Yippee, we're back in our home and in the campground! I let Stella sleep as late as she wanted, after all, it's Mother's Day. I even took her out to breakfast for two reasons. One, it's Mother's day and the second is that we really don't have anything for breakfast since we haven't been to the store. My intentions were good, but all the better restaurants were packed, so we ended up just picking up a couple of McDonald's biscuits for breakfast.

We had some chores to get done today, so we started by going to the washateria and washing up all the dirty clothes. That took a couple of hours, and then we went over to Goshen to a truck stop there that is very popular with the RV transporters because it has the cheapest fuel. We took 100.6 gallons to go 1390 miles for a 13.8 MPG average. I ran into a man at the fuel pump about our trailer. He said he went through the Heartland factory tour last week and is interested in a Bighorn. I gave him a contact card and told him about the Heartland Owner's Forum and the Owner's Club and he said he will look into it. He said he just came back from the Rio Grande Valley and I told him about the luncheon in Donna next year. Who knows, maybe we'll see him there.

We took one last drive out in Amish country on our way to Goshen in the beautiful weather. It was cold this morning, but warmed up to about 55 degrees during the day without a cloud in the sky.

We both think the farms are prettier down here. We will miss the serenity of this area, but we'll be back. There is plenty to do here and we kept busy every day. We didn't make it to Auburn to some museums there but there's always next year.

We then came back to Elkhart and found a Kwik Lube and had the oil changed in the truck for the trip back home. We have to stay on top of the maintenance on the truck. The young men in this store were as nice as anyone we have run into here. We can't believe how nice everyone has been up here from clerks in the stores to the cell phone man that helped us with our phone woes and sold me my new IPhone. Yes, we will definitely be back here next year.

We finally got to eat our for Stella's day. She chose Red Lobster but it took us almost an hour to get in. The food was good and the service was excellent and we enjoyed our meal. I made some calls for Mother's Day during our meal and will make some more later when we get back home. Man, that sounds good, to get back home! I don't know if I was more thankful for selling the house or getting the trailer back. Either way, it's good to be home.

So long.

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