Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday May 11, 2010-Moving day, Terre Haute IN to Sikeston MO

No damage! The sidewall separation is gone now. You'd never know that just a few days ago, this was a bare wall with no fiberglass skin.
They have some cute donkeys for guests to pet and feed. They usually make a lot of racket with their hee haws but this time they were pretty quiet. Some people might say these look like family members, but not siree, not me!

Here we are in our site. This is one of the prettier parks that we overnight at. I didn't have time to load these into yesterday's entry, so I decided to share them here.

We woke this morning to rain, rain and more rain. It had rained all night, but we were snug and dry with no leaks. The good thing is that the rain washed the bugs off the truck and trailer. We went down to eat breakfast here at the park. They serve a pretty good breakfast here and it's cheap and convenient.
We left about 9:30 and made very good time. Terre Haute is right on the border of Illinois and at least the roads improved a little in Ill. I'm not saying anything bad about the roads in Indiana or anywhere else, but I think it's a shame that our highways have been allowed to get into the condition that they are in. To me, the highway system should be maintained much better than it has been. I'm not going to get into a rant about taxes and politics but I think it's criminal to build highways or anything else and then not maintain them.
We pulled into the Hinton RV Park in Sikeston MO about 1:30, but remember we went from Eastern time to Central time, so we gained an hour. I know, it screws me up too. This is a nice little park, just not as pretty as TH. We like it because it's close to the highway and easy to get into and out of.
It's also near Lambert's Throwed Rolls. That really doesn't matter because they have a shuttle bus that will come pick you up and bring you to the restaurant. It was a good thing the bus has a big wide back door, because I needed it after eating their great food. We had another great meal and came home to watch television for the night. It had threatened more rain but has held off so far. It will probably pour down when I go out to get things ready to leave. Next stop is Benton Arkansas.
So long.

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