Monday, May 31, 2010

Thursday and Friday May 27 & 28, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

We didn't do too much these two days. The heat level is really going up down here, so it makes it difficult to do much outside. I did get the trailer moved over to site #104, which will be our site until we leave at the end of July. We like this site because it gets afternoon shade earlier, so we can sit outside in the evenings now.

Let me tell you, its been a long time since I've had to move the trailer without Stella's help, but I got it done. We had decided to eat out this evening and decided on the 3-B's Burgers for a change. We had heard it was good, and they really were. It was still hot and Stella complained that she really dreaded moving the trailer but we had to get it done today, before the long holiday weekend, so she was surprised when it was already moved. I had left her a few things to get put away inside, and had not had enough time to get some of the outside things done, but I got them done soon after arriving home. I took a shower and went to bed early tonight.

Friday was Stella's last workday this week. Gwen decided to close the office at Timber Ridge for the holiday weekend, so when she finishes today, we are done for the weekend. I fixed coffee for some of the full-timers here in the park, but it got hot in the sun, so they didn't stay long. I took Stella over and did our morning routine at the park and I came back home. I took care of some rally business for the October rally and stayed inside most of the day. We met Tommy and Susan at Mel's for supper. As usual, it was a very good meal and we were all stuffed! We came back here and sat outside for awhile until the skeeters came out and turned in for the night.

The park has started to fill and there are only a few sites left open tonight. The Memorial Day holiday weekend has begun!

So long.

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