Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday May 19, 2010-Red Roof Inn, Elkhart IN

Well, today's the big day to get the trailer back. We stayed here in the motel room and ate some muffins that we had bought yesterday at the grocery store. We both cleaned up and were preparing to go out for awhile when we got the call from Jim F. He said we could come pick the trailer up but he wanted us to take it for a ride for a couple of hours to see if anything "shook loose". After going over what they had done, we left the shop. We drove around the pretty Amish countryside, down to Nappanee and over to La Paz before coming back to Elkhart. We stopped to look at the sides and saw that on the door side, some of the caulk had bubbled up, so we went to the
Elkhart Campground to buy some propane for the two empty bottles. After getting that chore done, we went back to the shop. When we looked at it with Jim, we noticed a tiny amount of movement at the caulk line on the door side, so he called Keith to come down to look at it. He suggested taking it back to the shop to be looked at further. Keith put some more long screws into the frame, and said it cannot move now. After repairing the caulk line and going over everything one more time, we left.

We came back to the motel and parked the trailer on the street beside the motel. Many transport drivers and other truckers that stay at this motel have used this parking area, so we are confident that nothing will happen to the trailer. I will go out to check on it periodically during the evening.

We walked next door to the Bob Evans restaurant for supper. They are okay restaurants but then all we had was hamburgers. We came back to the room and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Tomorrow we start back for Texas.

So long.

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